year to remember

After passing the anniversary of the pandemic, with a humble reflection on what feels much longer than a year, we want to say a big thank you.

We know that COVID-19 isn't over and, while we remain vigilant and compliant with government guidelines, we are so humbled by the continuous support shown from our returning customers. And also the welcome displays of confidence shown by our new customers too – thank you.

Glimmers Of Hope

With the news that the vaccine programme is effective and now the plans for lockdown easing, for us and so many others, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to look closer. And with it, the prospect of life returning to normal is beginning to seem more attainable. Whilst we know that the pandemic is not over yet we want to take this opportunity whilst we are on this ever-evolving journey to share our thanks.

year to remember

Brilliant Customers

Our customers both old and new have been nothing short of fantastic over this time. They have supported us as we changed our processes and procedures and trusted us to perform our services safely. We have worked really hard to ensure that whilst carrying out our work to the high standards we are proud of, both our staff and customers are as safe as they can be

Then there’s our local network of suppliers without whom we’d struggle to deliver our services. Mutual respect for the daily struggles experienced by all and a realisation of just what it is that we’re emerging from has facilitated an even stronger bond between us all. To everyone at our network of local suppliers who have worked so hard over this last year - thank you.

thank you

The Best Team

Our biggest thank you goes to our employees and their families - we thank you for working so hard in what has been a really difficult year with all of the nervously-embraced unknowns & uncertainties.

The whole Abelglass family have worked incredibly hard to carry out their roles whilst navigating the new restrictions and rules, all with a smile on their faces (most of the time).


A Huge Thank You

We are so proud of the whole Abelglass team who have sanitised and done more risk assessments than they thought possible, all whilst carrying out their work to the same amazing standards.


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