What is a Juliet balcony?

A brief history of Juliet balconies Juliet balconies originally stemmed from the work of William Shakespeare, more specifically ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Its popularity grew in the 19th century due to its desirable allure and connection to elegance. Since then many builders have incorporated the Juliet balcony into their design or have later added it on […]

Ways to use decorative glass for interior design

When it comes to giving your house a sense of your own individual style, many think to decorate the walls or buy furniture. But one material many do not consider that can create a splash of uniqueness to your home is decorative glass. Today, we’ll be breaking down the way glass can be used for […]

How To Clean Shower Glass – Top Tips

Follow our top tips on how to clean shower glass for a sparkling bathroom. There is no better feeling than walking into a beautiful clean bath or shower room and keeping the glass clean and streak-free is key. There’s no doubt that a glass shower screen or enclosure is easier to keep clean than an […]

A Year We Will Always Remember

After passing the anniversary of the pandemic, with a humble reflection on what feels much longer than a year, we want to say a big thank you. We know that COVID-19 isn’t over and, while we remain vigilant and compliant with government guidelines, we are so humbled by the continuous support shown from our returning […]

Victorian Style Bathroom Ideas – Get The Look

Victorian Style Bathroom Inspiration The hottest trend in interiors is definitely the victorian style bathroom. Whether you have a period home or a sleek new build this trend will suit your smallest room. After staying indoors for most of 2020 we have become a nation obsessed with interior design. With that in mind, we’ve compiled […]

Using Mirrors In Interior Design

Make An Entrance A mirror is the best way to make the most of your entrance space. It’s often a small and dark area which is hard to dress, so making the most of any light by using mirrors is a smart choice. To make the most of the light you need to hang your […]

How To Install Composite Decking

Composite materials have revolutionised home design. From stylish doors to worktops they are versatile and very hardwearing, and the same can be said about composite decking. If you want an outdoor area that looks good, is anti-slip and doesn’t require lots of maintenance (who’s got time for sanding and re-painting every year) then composite decking […]

Give Your Patio A Makeover With New Decking Balustrade, A Lick Of paint Or Some Accessories

There are lots of things to consider when creating or upgrading a decked area. Wood or composite panels, light or dark colour, open-ended or a decking balustrade to finish it off?  Good decking is the perfect way to bring the outside in. Wide patio doors opening on to a flush decking area extends your living […]

Brighten Up Your Hallway With A Glass Staircase

Do you struggle with a dark and uninviting entrance hall or staircase? This is a very common problem and many people do. However, your problem can be solved with the right decor, some cleverly placed accessories and a glass staircase. Lighting A feature light fitting at the top of the stairs will not just provide […]

Increase Natural Light With These Top Five Tips

Have you ever wondered how to increase natural light in your home? Does your lounge or bathroom always seem gloomy no matter what you try? You’re not alone! This is a very common problem interior designers are asked to solve all the time. A bright and well-lit space isn’t just inviting, it increases your overall […]

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