Do you struggle with a dark and uninviting entrance hall or staircase? This is a very common problem and many people do. However, your problem can be solved with the right decor, some cleverly placed accessories and a glass staircase.


A feature light fitting at the top of the stairs will not just provide light it will also immediately draw your eye up towards the lightest part of your staircase.

The ideal light fitting would be modern, bright and bold; glass, chandelier-like fittings work really well. This one from John Lewis would be perfect.

glass light

If you have low ceilings at the foot of the stairs then avoid pendant light fixtures as they will make the ceiling seem lower. To further increase light you can invest in low-level lighting set into the skirting.

low lights

You want your lighting to create an impact so layering it with multiple light sources will have the most affect. You can add more light by using table lamps which match your decor which will provide soft lighting.


Choosing light colours for the walls and ceilings will create a feeling of space and lightness. This is because pale colours and tones will refract natural daylight making your hallway appear larger.

glass staircase

Our eyes are also automatically drawn to lighter areas so keep your floor darker than the walls.

The best way to do this is by using two contrasting colours, light for the walls and ceiling and dark for the woodwork and flooring.

You can also use a carpet runner to draw the eye upwards and make your staircase appear taller. Using a pattern or even better a stripe will further draw the eye upwards and add a stylish flourish to your stairs.

striped carpet

Glass Staircase

Glass is by far the best material to reflect light and create the illusion of space and light. A glass staircase will make your stair and hallway appear larger. If you like traditional wood you can team your glass staircase with oak on top, or if you prefer a modern aesthetic you can use chrome fixtures and fittings.

glass staircase

Using glass panels instead of traditional spindles allows light to flood the entire hallway and will streamline your staircase.

At Abelglass Design we will create a bespoke glass staircase to fit your home perfectly. All of our glass balustrades are manufactured from toughened or laminated safety glass using the latest technology. The glass staircase will then be fitted in either a sleek, modern, steel or warm hardwood fitting.

glass staircase

Glass Door

The final touch to really make the most of the natural light available is to choose a front door with lots of glass. Allowing as much natural light from windows and doors into the hallway as possible will make it feel brighter and bigger.

There are so many options to choose, from etched or frosted designs to coloured glass. You can choose the door which matches both the outside and inside of your home.

glass door

Let Us Do It For You

If you want to brighten up your staircase then we are here to help. Our highly skilled staff will design a glass staircase which is perfect for your space. We only use top quality products and our workmanship is second to none.

You can take a look at more examples of our glass balustrades here.

If you would like to find out how a glass staircase can brighten up your entrance then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01253 893355 or email us at

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