Follow our top tips on how to clean shower glass for a sparkling bathroom. There is no better feeling than walking into a beautiful clean bath or shower room and keeping the glass clean and streak-free is key.

There's no doubt that a glass shower screen or enclosure is easier to keep clean than an old-fashioned shower curtain.

"Forget the Toilet Seat - Shower Curtains Have The Most Germs in Your Bathroom"

 According to Healthline after testing shower curtains and surveying more than 500 people they detected more than 60 times more microbial life on shower curtains than toilet seats. Meaning shower curtains are the dirtiest surfaces in the bathroom.

The Causes Of Bacteria In The Shower

Studies show that many of us are doing more in the shower than washing. Other 'activities' include; urinating (81% of men and 73% of women), having sex (61% of people), shaving (65% of people) and brushing teeth (33% of people).

After these germs collect on your shower curtain, they multiply in the hot and humid environment of your shower.

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Shower Screens & Enclosures

The transparent nature of shower glass will make your bathroom look bigger and brighter and show off your tiles and suite. You can also choose from a variety of finishes including frosted and etched patterns. All of our shower screens and enclosures are heat and impact-resistant and can be made precisely to order. Glass enclosures also prevent water from getting on the bathroom floor and can be made in any size or shape.

Whilst shower curtains are cheaper upfront, shower glass is easy to clean, stylish and more cost-effective in the long term.

How To Clean Shower Glass

Shower glass very easy to clean if you know how. Your main tool is a squeegee which when used every day keeps the glass clean. It’s not time-consuming and if you do it once you've finished your shower it stops water from sitting on the glass and causing stains.

Start from one of the top corners and drag the squeegee down the glass using slight pressure. The water will run down the glass as you pull. Repeat this until you’ve removed all the water droplets on your shower glass.

You might want to dry the rubber blade in between each pull if the squeegee is leaving streaks.

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Glass Cleaning Tips

Whilst using a squeegee daily will keep your shower streak free you will still need to clean it to eliminate any leftover germs. There are a few tips and tricks to do this, here are our favourites.

Natural Cleaners

They are inexpensive and environmentally-friendly ways to clean your shower Here's how:

Vinegar and Water

  • Mix one part white vinegar with three parts distilled water
  • Put the mixture into a spray bottle
  • Spray the water and vinegar onto the glass and let it sit for up to five minutes
  • Spray more solution if it appears to be drying
  • Rinse the solution with warm, distilled water
  • Wipe it off with a lint-free towel, rag or paper towel.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

  • Mix about half a cup of baking soda with enough white vinegar to form a paste
  • Apply the paste onto the shower glass and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Rinse the solution with warm, distilled water
  • Wipe it off with a gentle cloth or lint-free paper towel

Chemical Cleaners

There are many chemically-based glass cleaners on the market that can clean tough stains. As with all chemical cleaners make sure the room is well ventilated and consider wearing gloves to protect your skin.

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Here are the best rated according to The Best Reviews Guide

Vistal 300g Long Lasting Eco Friendly

A multi-purpose natural, eco-friendly cleaner and restorer for your kitchen and bathroom and all-around your home. It removes grease, light limescale, soap scum, water spots and scuffs.

Astonish Daily Shower Shine

This is a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly versatile cleaner which quickly eliminate germs and bugs. It’s also great as a refreshing deodoriser in sinks and drains.

Mr Muscle Advanced Power Shower Shine Spray

This spray intended for daily use prevents limescale build-up in your shower and leaves the shower sparkling clean.

When using any of these cleaning sprays scrub lightly and avoid scouring pads or sharp instruments. Rinse using warm, distilled water and use a lint-free towel, rag or paper towel to dry and prevent streaks.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Why Does Shower Glass Get Dirty?

When water mixes with soap it leaves stains on glass called soap scum. This can be made worse in areas with hard water as it is high in minerals and can leave chalk deposits.

Soap scum looks unsightly and can also cause corrosion and water spots. Therefore, keeping it clean is the best way to keep your shower looking good.

Apart from soap scum mildew is another problem in bathrooms and grows in areas like the edge of your shower screen. Unlike soap scum, mildew can be harmful and it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible by cleaning regularly and ventilating the room.

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Leave The Door Open

To avoid excess moisture and the build-up of mildew it's best to make sure that your shower is well ventilated. By leaving the bathroom door open after a shower you will allow the damp air to circulate. If your shower has a vent it's best to turn it on before starting your shower. If not then keep your shower door open when it's not in use.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to clean shower glass and you enjoy a streak-free bathroom.

If you would like more information about shower doors and enclosures you can take a look at our range or call 01253 893355 and speak to our experienced team.

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