The staircase is a major feature in any home, however, its detail and design are often overlooked.

Your staircase is often the first thing visitors see when they visit your home and can make a fantastic first impression. Take time to consider how your staircase fits within your home and if it is in keeping with the overall style.

Making the most of your staircase and hallway can really make an impact.

It is well worth considering an update if you are renovating your home or when designing a new hallway. And with so many clever ideas and stylish solutions now available, the possibilities are endless. While some staircase designs look beautiful, they aren’t always practical for everyday life.

Making the right decision about the materials you choose is a big part of the decision: wood, glass and metal are all equally effective as long as they suit the property they are situated in.

It’s a fairly commonly held view that glass can be unsafe to use inside the home, especially with pets and children.

However, safe and secure toughened or laminated safety glass is safe. Manufactured to withhold heavy loads it can be safely used around the home for doors, partitions and staircases.

The glass is toughened, shatterproof and highly stain resistant. Which means it is perfect for a durable and long-lasting staircase. Your bespoke glass staircase can be constructed to incorporate your own personal design. And fitted in sleek steel or traditional hardwood. You can also choose etched or coloured glass to give a really unique feel to your project.

A glass staircase will add the wow factor to your hallway and create an airy and spacious transition between floors. The glass balustrade lightens the look of hardwood treads and maximises the natural light in the stairwell.

At Abelglass we only use materials of the highest quality and safety, and we have genuine pride in our workmanship.

Our qualified, experienced and friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice and guidance, so contact us today to discuss your design.

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