Make An Entrance

A mirror is the best way to make the most of your entrance space. It’s often a small and dark area which is hard to dress, so making the most of any light by using mirrors is a smart choice.

using mirrors

To make the most of the light you need to hang your mirror opposite where the light enters the space. Extra points for hanging it on the longest wall as this will make the whole area look bigger. A custom made mirror which is the perfect size for your wall will always be the best fit. But, you can choose any size, shape or type of mirror. Just make sure that it fits with the rest of your decor.

Mirrored Bathroom Walls

Another room which is traditionally small is the bathroom or en-suite. Using mirrors will immediately change the perception of space and the room will appear bigger as if by magic.

A large mirror above the sink will look clean and reflect huge amounts of light back into the room. It looks especially good when it fits perfectly to the wall with no spaces around it.

mirrored bathroom

Another option is to completely cover the walls of your bathroom with plate mirrors making the whole room feel bright. Make the most of the effect that the mirrors create by teaming them with light coloured walls and reflective accessories. A down-light at the top of the mirror or a strip light around the edges will help to minimise shadows.

bathroom mirror

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Using mirrors as a decorative accessory for the walls in your home means you can get really creative.

using mirrors

For maximum creativity, you can create a ‘mosaic’ of mirrors to create a really interesting piece of art for your wall. Using triangular shapes will create light and depth, magnifying the space.

using mirrors

A simple round mirror can look amazing if you choose an interesting way to hang it. The one above has been mounted using two leather belts and makes a great statement piece. If you have something in mind to hang a mirror why not a piece of mirror made to the exact size that you need to make sure it’s perfect.

Another really interesting way to use mirrors is to hang a variety of complementary mirrors as you would pictures or paintings. Choose mirrors which are similar shapes for a really cohesive look. You could also pick out shapes in your wallpaper or furniture by having mirrors made in those shapes like the ones in the picture below which mimic the artwork and wallpaper.

using mirrors

Mirrored Surfaces

Mirrors aren’t just for the bathroom or living area walls, they look equally amazing in the kitchen.

mirrored splashback

Using a mirror as a splashback in a kitchen looks AMAZING. You can have the mirror cut to the exact size that you need as you would a glass splashback. It reflects the light bouncing it around the room which is perfect for a darker room. The mirrored images also make the room look bigger and the reflective surface looks very contemporary.

glass splashback

A black glass splashback also creates a mirrored effect and creates similar effects by reflecting and magnifying the light making the whole room look larger.

Mirrored Furniture

Placing mirrors on the outside of sliding wardrobe doors is a great way to make the most of the light in your room and is really practical too. You can have pieces of toughened mirror created to the exact dimensions of your doors to give a really clean and seamless look.

mirrored wardrobes

Another trick is to place a mirror on a table and put a lamp on top of it. This will reflect the light coming from the lamp and create a lovely warm glow. Covering the top of a dressing or bedside table is also a great way to introduce light to a bedroom and make the most of your space.

If you are itching to try out these ideas in your home but need a mirror which is just right for your space then give our friendly team a call.

Bespoke Mirrors

We produce mirrors in all shapes and sizes. From simple bathroom pieces, unique pieces to add a focal point for your bedroom, or a large piece to give a more spacious perspective to a living room.

All of our mirrors are made to measure to create the perfect addition to your home. We work with you on all of the fine details, to ensure your design is uniquely yours.

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to discuss your perfect mirror.

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